Thursday, March 28, 2019

YouTube announces availability of YouTube TV in all U.S. television markets

YouTube has today announced a major achievement from the company regarding its YouTube TV. This announcement from YouTube is regarding its availability across all the regions in the country. The company has announced that YouTube TV is now available in every U.S. Television market. This means that you can subscribe to YouTube TV from any part of U.S. now. With YouTube TV, the company is asking users to ‘cut-the-cord’ and subscribe to its services.
Earlier at the Super Bowl in January, YouTube mentioned that its YouTube TV service is now available in 98% of the US Television market. Two months later, YouTube has finished the last 2% rollout of its service as well. The last two areas where YouTube TV was not available, Glendive and Montana, have now received it too.
YouTube launched its YouTube TV service in 2017 but it was available only in 5 markets at launch. After that, YouTube TV rolled out to 10 more markets by July 2017. Later, YouTube announced that its TV service is available in 50 US markets. Now, we finally get to hear that YouTube TV is available across the US.
At launch, YouTube TV had offerings which are popular like CNN, ESPN, and FX. Since then, the company has added more partners and channels to its service. We now have 60+ networks on YouTube TV with local offerings as well such as ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.
One of the major highlights with YouTube TV is the unlimited cloud DVR. This means you can record videos of as much shows as you want on the cloud. Also, YouTube TV supports up to six accounts per household. Also, YouTube TV is not that costly at $40/month with all the features mentioned above. We also heard earlier this year that YouTube TV has now gained 1 million subscribers which means a million cable TV users have already ‘cut the cord’.

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