Monday, March 25, 2019

You can soon delete your sent messages on Telegram

Telegram The Telegram has just announced a new feature related to its user’s privacy. The list of features announced by Telegram includes the ability to delete sent messages. This is obviously not a new announcement as we know WhatsApp and many other chat apps allow deletion of messages. However, Telegram has announced that you can delete your messages from the platform, whenever. Also, you can delete these messages for both the users as well as on your side only.
Earlier, Telegram announced that you can ‘unsend’ your messages. But this feature worked only for 48 hours. Post the 48-hour mark, you could not delete the sent Telegram messages until now. With this newly announced feature, you can not only delete your message but also the message from others too.
Also, there will not be any time limit for deleting the messages. This feature will also allow you to delete the entire conversation. Not only from your device but from the other person’s device as well.
Telegram also announced Anonymous forwarding of the messages. With this feature, you can forward a message but the name will be unclickable. So the other users have no proof that you sent or forwarded them this message. Also, Telegram users will now be able to select who can view their profile picture.
Also, you can now search from the list of Settings so that you can find the specific setting easily. Telegram has also added the GIF search feature along with Emoji search with this update. The company has also added an accessibility feature inside its app now.
On iOS, you get a feature called VoiceOver and the same on Android named TalkBack. With this feature, you can hear the messages you receive on Telegram. This means you do not have to look at the screen for understanding your received messages.

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