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Best Media Players for Ubuntu

Best Media Players for Ubuntu They claim that necessity is the mother of all inventions. The way in which technology developed at such a breakneck pace showed this to be exactly true. There is a new facet of technology every day. In reality, all the latest gadgets control our very existence and we are wholly dependent on them.

 In fact, ones the computers made its entry in the 20th century, things have been moving at a much faster rate. In fact, with the devices getting smaller and smaller, nowadays even our smartphones work as a tiny computer. It provides us with news, movies, serials, music and so on and so forth.
In fact, media players are the in thing and most of the developers are trying to provide different types of media players with a whole lot of features. There are many operating systems available but over here we will be dealing with Ubuntu operating system of Linux distribution. We will list out a few of the best media players for Ubuntu and you can go through the features and home on to the one which you feel meets all your requirements.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC media player is very popular, and it entered the market in 2001 as part of the VideoLan project. It supports almost all media formats, and is a media player that is open source. VLC supports nearly all video formats, and it has codecs. If a specific format can not be accepted, instead it tries to access the same codec from the internet that supports the format. It has a very simple and efficient interface as well to ensure that you always got control over the videos or audios.

2. Bomi (CMPlayer)

Bomi is regarded more widely as CM Player. It is a GUI, a very user-friendly graphical user interface and all of its features are easily accessible in the context menu. It has limitless history of playingback. Bomi player will cater for multiple subtitles as well as the format ASS and SAMI. It also comes fitted with GPU accelerated hardware decoding.

3. SM Player

This is yet another amazing media player that supports all the media files and formats. It has built-in codecs and you are saved the trouble of finding and then installing codec packs. It is a graphical user interface and it plays YouTube videos as well. You can enjoy all types of movies irrespective of the language because it has this feature of downloading subtitles from the internet. Another catchy feature of SM Player is its ability to save your settings, in the case while watching a movie you have to stop in between when you start watching again you can resume from the very same place where you had to stop previously. Isn’t this a very useful feature?

4. Miro Media Player

Miro is an open source, cross-platform and totally free application that supports all video formats. It has a video converter which will enable you to convert any video into the format which is compatible with your mobile. Miro plays both video and audio in HD quality and has certain features which give it an edge over its competitors like it has its own BitTorrent client and you are able to share media and buy your favorite music directly from Amazon MP3 store.

5. MPV Player

MPV is a media player which is a fusion between MPlayer and Mplayer2. It supports a wide range of video files, codecs, subtitles, and file formats. In fact, it has an additional codec that will enhance the picture quality manifolds. It is also equipped with OpenGL that has features such as the color management, frame timing, high standard algorithm.

6. XBMC – Kodi Media Center

XBMC – Kodi Media Center is a Linux cross-platform video player which is written in C++. It plays both video and audio files simultaneously. It can be considered as an excellent media player which is packed to the brim with entertainment. Kodi is very user-friendly and can be customized according to the requirement of the user. It also supports all the audio files and it can play all your favorite music including WAV, mp3, WMA and FLAC formats. To enhance your music listening, it is capable of tag reading support, cue sheet, and smart playlists. One of the added advantages of Kodi is that with the help of skin, it gives a totally new look to your interface.

7. Banshee Media player

It is an open source, cross-platform media player having the ability to play podcasts, radio, audio, video and more. Since Amazon mp3 store is integrated with Banshee media, it facilitates in buying your favorite music online. This popular video player was released in the year 2005 and supports most of the audio and video formats. It has some useful features like iPod manager and multimedia keys support sweetening the features further.

8. Xine Multimedia Player

Xine is a video player which supports almost all media files like MP3, AVI, WMV, and MOV. Xine will help you play your video without any hassle from local drive, CD, and DVD. The CPU processing required by Xine to play videos is comparatively very less and it also offers fast memory transfer, high-performance communication, unified configuration system and many more.

9. MPlayer

MPlayer plays most AVI, VIVO, FLI, RealMedia, ASF, MP4, WMV, NUT, and WMA formats. An added advantage of MPlayer is that it works with DGA, X11, fbdev, GGI, VESA, openGL, Xv, AAlib and such rare media formats. Since a maximum of them support hardware and software scaling, you will be able to watch movies full screen. MPlayer is a cross-platform media player which is mainly written in C.

10. Gnome Videos

Gnome videos were earlier known as a Totem, it is an official audio and video player for Gnome shell. It is equipped with a full-screen mode, playlists, keyboard navigation as well as seek and volume control. Gnome supports video files like SMIL, Media player format, Wmp, M3U, and Real Audio Format. It also offers added features like adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, still capturing and subtitles for videos.
Hope the above list of the best media players would be of use to you and will help you get an insight into the features of the media players. Also, check out the best media players for Windows.

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