Monday, March 25, 2019

Best Internet Speed Testing Sites

Best Internet Speed Testing Sites All want speedy internet performance. When it comes to ISP’s, we usually see an advertisement and brochure with a promising number of speeds. And if you choose your ISP because they say they can provide MBPS of speed. But in reality, we usually see many ups and downs in the speed.
Most of the Internet service providers fail to provide promising speed to the users. This is due to the poor infrastructure of service providers in many cases. It will affect your browsing performance and in some cases failed to load even the simple websites.
If you are doubting the ISP whether they are offering promising speeds are not, I have found some speed testing site to check Internet speed. These sites test speed based on the ping
Note: If you installed ad-blocker on your browser some of the below-given sites not work. Disable or whitelist the site to test the results.

1.Oakla Speed Test

Ookla Speed Test is the first and probably one of the best websites if you want to check out the speed test of your device. You just need to visit the website from the link attached above, tap on “Go” and it will start checking for speeds on whichever device you are currently on. Also, the Ookla speed test shows information about your ISP and the location which it is currently connected to as well.

2. Speed Check

Speed Check is another great option for checking speeds of your current internet connection. Similar to Ookla, you need to click on the “Start Test” button on Speed Check website and your test will be started instantly. Once all the parameters such as latency, download and upload speeds are checked, you will get your results. You also get the current IP address as well as your ISP name in the final results.

3. DSLReports

Next comes DSL Reports which is yet another excellent option for checking the internet speeds of your ISP or mobile data. One unique aspect about the DSP Reports Speed Test is that you need to select the type of connection which you are connected to.
There are options such as Cable, DSL, Satellite, Gigabit/Fiber and more so that you can select whichever options suits you the best. Once the type of connection is selected, you can run the test. DSL Reports also shows the chart from where the internet connection is coming along with internet speeds as well.

4. Cox Internet Speed Test

We now come to Cox Internet Speed Test which has a great user interface similar to ones listed above. On the Cox Internet Speed Test, you get the option to log in or sign up with your credentials as well so that you can compare your speed test with your current internet plan and see if it is lesser than it should be.
Talking a speed test on Cox Internet Speed Test is simple as well, you need to click on “Start Test” button and it will start checking your download and upload speeds along with your Ping and other factors.

5. SpeedOf.Me

SpeedOf.Me is also a unique speed test website in a way that it is completely based on HTML5. Therefore, you do not get the fancy animations and details while doing the speed test. However, it is the fastest website to load among all the ones included in this list. Because it does not use any Java or Flash plugins which are very heavy to load.
This means that you can check your internet speed from Speedof.Me even if you are on an extremely slow connection.

6. AT&T High-Speed Internet Speed Test

Finally, we have the AT&T Speed Test which is a great option if you are on the AT&T network. However, it should be noted that AT&T uses the Speedtest from DSL Reports which is also mentioned in this list. Therefore, both the Speedtest results should be the same in comparison. However, AT&T’s Speed Test shows speedometer-like graphics which are fun to look at and gets the job done.

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