Monday, March 25, 2019

Backup your game saves locally or on cloud with Game Backup Monitor

Backup your game saves locally or on cloud with Game Backup Monitor There are times when you, as a gamer, just want to rush somewhere but you are playing a game. Meanwhile, suddenly if the PC is crashed, all of our saved games data will vanish. What you will do is find a way to save the gameplay so that you can restart from that position the next time. Rather than starting the game all over again.
However, we have seen that some of the games which are somewhat older don’t have an option to save the game. This can be very frustrating, especially if you have advanced well into the game.
Now, we have found a way by which you can save your games. This can be done both locally as well as on the cloud. This can be done with the help of Game Backup Monitor. It is an open-source software which helps you take game backups, locally or on the cloud.
Game backups can be useful when you are playing the same game on multiple devices. With this method, you can carry your backups everywhere so that you can start from where you left off. Game Backup Monitor automates your process of taking game backups by saving the gameplay by itself. You just have to specify which games need to be monitored and the rest will be done by Game Backup Monitor.
Now, we must tell you that this software is not the first game backup software, and certainly won’t be the last. But it is open-source, free to use and works well which is very difficult to find. The program already contains 300 pre-configured games but you can specify more games outside of the list as well.

How to use Game Backup Monitor?

Once you download the program from the official website, install it on your Windows or PC machine.
Game Backup Monitor Save Location
When you open the program for the first time, it asks to choose the games saves location. After choosing the location now the program asks you to configure the save files according to the game type.
Importing game configurations
As we told above, the program has 300+ pre-configured game saves type to add from scratch. If your game is already in the list, check the box and click on Import button. That’s it, you’ve finished the game save file backup setup on Game Backup Monitor. When you play the game, the save data automatically saved on locally and as well as in the cloud.
Some of the pre-configured games on this app are the likes of Dead Space, Dark Souls 3, Wasteland 2, Warhammer Vermintide 2, Prison Architect, Prey, and Dragon Age.
You can use the Game Backup Monitor on your Windows or Linux PC to backup your gameplay without any hassle.

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