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5 Best Apps to Watch IPL 2020 Live On Mobile and Pc for free.


As you know, the IPL season 2020 has started. And all the cricket lovers were eagerly waiting for the IPL season 2020. But do you know how you can watch IPL on your mobile? If you want to know how to watch IPL in mobile then read this post till the end? So let’s know?

Friends, This time it is going to be difficult to watch IPL on Hotstar. Because OTT platform Disney + Hotstar says that this time live cricket will be available only to premium users. That is, if you have not subscribed to Disney Hotstar yet, then you will not be able to watch IPL live on Hotstar even if you have a Jio network.

So, in this article, we will tell you about five such apps, with the help of which you can watch IPL for free on your mobile and laptop. By the way, there are many apps available in the play store, with the help of which you can watch IPL. But the app we are going to tell you about is absolutely free. So let’s know about all these apps.

Here is a list of 5 best apps to watch free IPL.

  1. Thop Tv Live Straming App.
  2. Jio TV – News, Movies, Entertainment, LIVE TV
  3. Airtel Xstream App.
  4. Oreo TV – Best App to Watch IPL 2020.
  5. Tata Sky Mobile App.

1. Top Tv Live Streaming App.

This is the best app to watch IPL for free. On this application, you can watch all types of Sports Channel Live for free. Apart from this, you can also watch news channels, Tv serials, Movies live without any subscription. But this app is not available on the Play Store. But don’t worry, We have given the link of this app below. You can download this app for absolutely free by clicking on the download button. After downloading you can watch IPL for free.

2. Jio TV – News, Movies, Entertainment, LIVE TV

Jio TV is one of the best apps to watch Live IPL for free. This app is most commonly used for entertainment. These apps are only for Jio users. To watch IPL for free on Jio TV, you have to go to the Sports Channel and select Star Sports. By doing this Jio Tv will redirect you to Hotstar and you can watch IPL for free. In this app, you can adjust the quality of the video according to your own.

Not only this, on this app you can enjoy live TV for free. In this, you get to watch the news, tv serial, and movie channel live. To download Joi TV is very easy, you can directly download this app from Google Play.

3.Airtel Xstream App.

Only Airtel users can use this app. If you are an Airtel user, then with an unlimited recharge plan, its subscription is absolutely free. On this app, you can also watch news and entertainment channels live along with the Sports channel. This app is available on the Play store which you can download easily.

4.Oreo TV – Best App to Watch IPL 2020.

Oreo TV is the best Live Streaming App. On the Oreo tv app, you can watch more than 1000+ live tv channels absolutely free. This app is called the best alternative app of Hotstar. In it, you can watch live TV channels in high quality. In Oreo tv, you get to see a mix combination of Jio tv and Artel tv. Apart from this, you can also watch Star Sports and Sony live in it. But this app is not available on the Play Store. But don’t worry, you can download it from here.

5. Tata Sky Mobile App.

If you use the Tata Sky setup box in your home, then you can use the Tata Sky app on your mobile absolutely free. For this, you have to download the Tata Sky app from plays tore and login with your registered mobile number. After this, whatever channel you can watch on your TV, you will be able to watch the same channel on mobile as well.

I hope you like this post how to watch IPL on mobile. If you have any questions related to this post, then comment below. And share this post on all social media.

Best Volume Booster Android App 2020 :- Trakin Tech


If your cellphone extent may be very low and you're disturbed through the low quantity of your cellphone. Don’t worry, in this post nowadays we are going to inform you about the high-quality volume Booster Android App with the help of this app you could boom your cellular volume very high. If you need to understand the way to use this app, read this post till the give up.

The name of this app is (enhance excessive volume Booster) boost excessive volume is a small app that increases the quantity of your smartphone. If your telephone quantity may be very low, you could use this app. This app helps you to growth your telephone volume a hundred times. In easy language, this app is the high-quality to boom mobile quantity.


  • Boost up to 100% of the Volume of your phone.
  • Increase up to 100% of the Volume of your phone.
  • Adjust the volume for Movies, Music, and any apps.
  • Raise High volume is on show in the Notification.
  • No additional permission required for the Raise High Volume app.

How to use the Volume Booster Android App

Step1. You can use this app in a very easy way.

Step2. First, you have to download this app on your phone.

Step3. After this, install the app on your phone.

Step4. After installing the app give the required permissions.

Step5. Now enjoy this app.

How to download the app?

To download this app you have to first visit the Google Play Store, and download this app from here. Or you can directly download this app by clicking on the download button below. After downloading you can enjoy this app.                  

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A way to sign in a top class domain at no cost in Hindi – Free


Free Domain कैसे लें Domain Name  हमारी Website का पहचान होता है जिससे लोग Domain Name को गूगल में सर्च करके आसानी से पहुंच पाते हैं और उसे याद भी रख पाते हैं तो अगर आप एक ब्लॉग Start करना चाहते हैं !

ऑनलाइन पैसे कमाना चाहते हैं Blogging के माध्यम से तो आज मैं आपको बताऊंगा किस तरीके से आप एक Free Domain ले सकते हैं  यहां पर मैं आपको बताने वाला हूं

1 साल के लिए Free में डायमंड कैसे ले सकते हैं मैं आपको जो भी तरीका बताने जा रहा हूं बिल्कुल Legal तरीका है

और आप यहां से .Com, .IN, .NET,.XYZ और .ORG जैसे Domain Free में 1 साल के लिए ले सकते हैं आपको कोई भी पैसे देने की कोई जरूरत नहीं है

 Free में Domain कैसे लें ?

 जैसा कि आप सभी जानते हैं अगर आप एक Domain खरीदने जाते हैं तो आपको उस Domain Name का प्राइस लगभग 700 से ₹800 तक पड़ सकता है

वह भी 1 साल के लिए ऐसे में गर्म बात करें तो ज्यादातर लोग स्टार्टिंग में पैसे ना होने की वजह से Blog शुरू ही नहीं कर पाते हैं

Blogging करने के लिए सबसे जरूरी होता है Domain Name अगर आपके पास एक बेहतरीन Domain Name  नहीं है

तो आप बिल्कुल Blog नहीं कर सकते अब अगर आप यहां पर सोचेंगे कि मैं ब्लॉक्स्पॉट

जैसे Basic Domain का इस्तेमाल करके एकअच्छा Blogger बन जाऊंगा तो आप बिल्कुल गलत सोच रहे हैं आज के समय में ब्लॉगस्पॉट 2 मिनट का कोई वैल्यू नहीं है 

Free में Domain कैसे लें ?

 जैसा कि मैंने आपको बताया कि  आज मैं आपको बताऊंगा किस तरीके से 1 साल के लिए Free में Domain रजिस्टर्ड कर सकते हैं और आप एक अपना Blog Start कर सकते हैं

Free में Domain लेने के लिए आपको याहू स्मॉल Business  इस Website को विजिट

करना होगा उसके बाद यहां पर आपको अपना अकाउंट क्रिएट करना होगा जैसे आप अपना अकाउंट क्रिएट कर लेते हैं

उसके बाद आपको यहां पर आपके Business से जुड़े कुछ इनफॉरमेशन प्रोवाइड

करनी होती है जिसके बाद आप एक अच्छा सा Domain 1 साल के लिए बिल्कुल Free में रजिस्टर कर सकते हैं

 जैसा कि आप सभी को पता है याहू एक Trusted Website है और यह कभी किसी को  Cheat नहीं करती तो यहां पर मैं आपको बता दूं

यहां से आपको Domain लेना बहुत हद तक सुरक्षित रहेगा

आप  Domain Name  लेने के बाद उसे 90 दिनों के बाद जहां कहीं भी आप चाहे उस

Domain Name  को ट्रांसफर कर सकते हैं

और उसका इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं काफी सारे लोग यहां से दो मिली भी रहे हैं और इसका इस्तेमाल कर भी रहे हैं क्योंकि यह Free में दे रहा है

इसलिए ज्यादातर लोग अपने ब्लॉग को शुरू करने के लिए Yahoo Small Business का इस्तेमाल कर रहे हैं

Free में Domain कैसे लें ?

तो अगर आप भी चाहते हैं एक Free में दो मिले ना तो बिल्कुल आप यहां से ले सकते

हैं वह भी Free में लगभग 1 साल के लिए

और इसके लिए आपको कोई पैसे देने की कोई आवश्यकता नहीं है 

वैसे तो अगर हम बात करें तो आपको ऐसी हजारों Website मिल जाएंगी जहां से आप .Xyz , .Tk , .Ml

ऐसी बहुत सारी Domain लेकर अपने एक Blog को शुरू कर सकते हैं !

लेकिन इस तरह के Domain Name रैंकिंग के मामले में बहुत ज्यादा पीछे होते हैं और यह बहुत ज्यादा सस्ते भी होते हैं ,

आप इन सारे Domain को Compare करेंगे .COM, .NET .ORG या फिर .IN इनमें से

किसी भी Domain से आप Compare करेंगे

तो आपको पता चल जाएगा कि यह कितने सस्ते हैं !

क्यों Domain प्रोवाइडर कंपनियां इसे इतने सस्ते में बेच रही है तो यहां पर मेरा सजेशन यही रहेगा कि आप एक .COM, .NET

जैसी अच्छी  Domain Name  को ही परहेज करें !

तो यहां पर मैं आपको बता दूं अगर आप 1 साल के लिए Free का Domain Name  लेना चाहते हैं !

तो नीचे  दी गई वीडियो को आप देख सकते हैं किस तरीके से Free में 1 साल के लिए

Yahoo Small Business से एक Domain रजिस्टर किया जाता है !

This is iPhone 12- Apple

 A singular new design, a reengineered chip and 5G

This is iPhone 12 pro. The vertical band is precision machining from stainless steel ceramic shield on the front is tougher than any smartphone glass. And tighter borders allow for even larger super retina XDR displays.

Five G is set to change the world with radically faster speeds, the hardware and software have been optimized for the best 5G experience. A14 Bionic has a smaller five nanometre transistor which pushes the most powerful chip in the smartphone.

Generations ahead, a new and improved pro camera system makes the 12th pro the photographer's iPhone.

The larger iPhone 12 Permax takes these innovations even further. It's bigger since it dramatically increases the detail capture and helps improve the performance by 87 percent.

The custom designed Lider scanner puts advanced depth mapping technology in your pocket. You can now take a night mode portrait and unlock a new world of possibilities for augmented reality. iPhone 12 Pro Smash is the benchmark for highest quality video in a smartphone. And the movie industry can now count on it as an essential piece of equipment. It is the world's first device able to capture playback and edit 10 bit HDR footage with Dolby Vision.

iPhone 12 comes in two sizes and in four finishes, including you, Pacific was an integral part of this year's design. Is Mac safe and intelligent system of magnets that connect accessories and a whole new way?

All this and more make iPhone 2.0 the most powerful iPhone ever.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Use identical Whatsapp Account In 4 one of a kind devices With Synced Chats: the way it Works?


WhatsApp could be rolling out the new and most awaited feature of the app – multi device assist. Sure, very quickly, we’ll be able to use the famous social networking app on more than one tool.

How does the multi device guide feature via WhatsApp work? Study on to find out all of the details!

Whatsapp To Roll Out Multi tool assist function For Beta testing

It's been a completely long term due to the fact that this new feature of WhatsApp is under improvement and now, there may be news that it's far inside the final stage of trying out and might be to be had for beta customers very soon.

WABetaInfo, the platform which offers us ordinary updates approximately the brand new and upcoming capabilities at WhatsApp has confirmed this news. The account stated, “the following plan of WhatsApp is to provide to beta testers the opportunity to use this option.”

As consistent with reviews, the brand new function will permit users to apply the equal WhatsApp account on at least 4 distinct devices at the identical time. Additionally, there's no want on your principal device to have an lively internet connection that's what is required in WhatsApp internet. In brief, if your smartphone doesnt have a web connection, you may be able to access your WhatsApp on the net or every other devices.

WhatsApp is now gearing as much as launch this product;however, before this, the function may be enabled for the app’s public beta testers. This means that the customers who are on the public beta software of WhatsApp might be capable to test the feature quickly. 

But, there may be no news approximately the real launch date of this option for normal customers.

New UI To Be launched For desktop version especially For Multi tool aid

Similarly to this, WhatsApp will even launch a new UI for the laptop model of this option. Just like the WhatsApp internet, the feature might be to be had beneath the tab “linked devices,” from where you can hyperlink your WhatsApp account to any new tool. You may also be able to see the listing of linked gadgets on the app.

There is also a Multi-device Beta alternative that you can toggle on/off if you want to attempt this selection. 

Additionally, all the features which might be available at the primary tool will not be to be had for the multidevice help feature. Most effective syncing chat history, starring/turning in messages, muting chats are to be had.

The facebook owned platform is testing the characteristic for Android, and there is no news approximately this feature for iOS as of but.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

OnePlus wants to make cheap phones again - is the OnePlus Z coming?

OnePlus 8 OnePlus is an inquisitive telephone organization in that, dissimilar to counterparts, for example, Oppo and Xiaomi, it hasn't made numerous product offerings or propelled smartwatches. Nonetheless, both those things look set to change. 

In a meeting with Fast Company Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus, discussed the organization's likely arrangements. Extra subtleties were shared on Weibo, where he discussed why the organization is presently prepared to include "new individuals" to its family. 

Generally, OnePlus has gone on record as saying that it was a little and developing organization, thus it needed to concentrate on a couple of items and not spread itself excessively far - this was the reason there was just a single fundamental product offering, specifically its cell phones. 

Nonetheless, Pete accepts that OnePlus currently has adequate experience, labor and mechanical ability to grow new items. The primary products of this attack will be found in the coming a very long time with a declaration for India, trailed by venture into different markets.

To OnePlus Z and past 

This is likely an allude to the OnePlus Z, the organization's supposed spending plan cell phone, which is reputed to dispatch in July. This will be the initial move towards its objective of selling significantly more telephones at lower sticker prices, and at last making a biological system of associated gadgets. Lau included that reasonable gadgets will "at present stay up to the OnePlus norm". 

OnePlus showed up on the scene six years back, discovering footing with telephones that offered lead specs at well-underneath leader costs. As of late, be that as it may, it's undeniably moved into the exceptional space, with its most recent premium telephone, the OnePlus 8 Pro, nearly hitting the $1,000 mark, leaving a significant number of its unique fans baffled at the absence of spending choices. 

The OnePlus Z, along these lines, is an opportunity for the organization to indeed contend at a mid-extend value point, and to retaliate against Oppo, Xiaomi and different organizations who've moved in on its old turf.

As with most hardware companies, OnePlus is also looking to move away from a reliance on smartphones and build a wider ecosystem. We got a taste of this last year with the smart OnePlus TV, which could be paired with a smartphone to access many additional features.

AirPods-rivaling true wireless earphones are also on the horizon (OnePlus already makes its Bullets Wireless cabled Bluetooth headphones). 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Microsoft Covers All the Bases With Impressive Surface Lineup

Microsoft on Wednesday introduced a slew of new products, including the Surface Go 2, the Surface Book 3, Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds.
Both the Surface Go 2 and the Surface Book 3 are offered in versions for the consumer and corporate markets.
The commercial versions of the Surface Go 2 and the Surface Book 3 are shipped with Windows 10 Pro and access to Microsoft Advanced Exchange, a warranty service offering free expedited device replacement, in supported markets.

"The two products are very different," noted Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group.
"The Go 2 is a high-value product -- the Surface Book 3 high innovation," he told TechNewsWorld.
"This is where weight, size and connectivity will make a big difference in many consumers' purchase decisions," said Eric Smith, a research director at Strategy Analytics. "When it comes to productivity, we expect the newest generation of Surface Book and Surface Go to continue adding to Microsoft's market share."

Surface Go 2 Steps Up

The Surface Go 2 "is Microsoft's way of showing that Windows can still compete against iPad in the detachable segment without being a premium or enterprise-grade device," Smith said.
Now that the iPad and iPad Air both have native keyboard capabilities, they are providing stiff price competition to the Surface Go 2, he told TechNewsWorld, but "the productivity capabilities in Windows are still stronger than in iPad OS."
The Microsoft Surface originally was positioned as an alternative to Apple, and the Surface Go 2 "comes the closest to providing a compelling iPad alternative," observed Enderle.
The Surface Go 2 has a 10.5-inch PixelSense display, an 8 MP rear facing camera and a camera app to enable document and whiteboard scanning, a 5 MP front-facing camera, and Microsoft's Studio Mics dual microphone solution to improve voice clarity and reduce background noise for video chats.
The display supports 10-finger multitouch and Microsoft's Surface Pen.

Configurations range from the base model's dual-core Intel Pentium processor, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, and 64 GB of eMMC storage to the top-of-the-line model's 8th-generation Intel Core m3 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of SSD storage.
The Surface Go 2 has a USB-C port, a Surface Connect port, a microSDXC card reader and a headphone jack. It supports WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5. The top-of-the-line model offers LTE Advanced connectivity.
The Type cover has to be purchased separately.
"The Surface Go 2 Type Cover offers a great typing and trackpad experience, building on all we've learned through the years of delivering Surface products," a Microsoft spokesperson said in comments provided to TechNewsWorld by company rep Lianna McCurdy.
"WiFi 6 is a big step up as 5G begins to take off and consumers start to compare WiFi to faster speeds and lower latency over the next several years," Strategy Analytics' Smith said. "The option to add LTE Advanced also stands out as a way to provide true mobility in a world quickly trending towards work/learn from-from-anywhere behavior."
The consumer version of the Surface Go 2 ships with Windows 10 in S Mode, which restricts users to installing apps from the Microsoft Store. Purchasers can make a one-time, non-reversible switch to standard Windows 10.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

How Can a Food Delivery App Help Your Food Business?

How Can a Food Delivery App Help Your Food BusinessIf you run a food business, whether it be a restaurant, a transport service, or a fast meals chain, there are many reasons to embody the modern technology. Using meals delivery app improvement services is one of the most necessary technological leaps you can take. Among other benefits, it can supply you a competitive part and a head-start that is challenging to beat.

There are many blessings to having a food transport app. Some of the most vital of these reasons are described below.

Provide 24/7 Services

A meals transport app permits you to run your enterprise around the clock. Your hours of operation rely on the timings set through you and no longer through the structures that are handy to you. This translates into greater clients and greater business. There are all types of consumers and you can in no way be positive when they may additionally need food, whether or not in small or large quantities.

Be One Click Away

Almost each one of your target target audience has a cellular gadget and prefers doing everything from it – such as ordering their food. So when you invest in an app, you are making it feasible for your buyers to be one click away from ordering their favorite dishes. Currently, almost 7 in 10 buyers order their meals on line using their smartphones or tablets.

People are more and more leading a aggravating life-style the place there is little time for cooking or learning how to cook new dishes. They want food delivered to them at some point of a spoil or when there is a party at home. People choose to place their order whilst driving the bus or when stuck in site visitors so that they don’t have to wait for food after reaching home.

And there can be nothing better than being in a position to revel in their favourite meals with a few taps. And that is exactly the place your mobile app can come to their help. It is even higher if you accept orders at any time of the day due to the fact the current consumer no longer works the 9 to 5 shift.

More Speed & Ease

People find it greater convenient to order meals with just a few faucets instead of having to make a smartphone call. It is an easy, fast, and comfortable way for them to order food. If you already don’t have an app, you are missing out huge on the opportunity.

While there is each reason to goal millennials with this meals transport model, it goes except pronouncing that they are now not the only goal target audience you have to be focusing on. Surveys show that more than 43% of the average annual meals finances of a household is sourced from restaurants. And as soon as you have a new customer, you would have given them many reasons to maintain returning. So deciding on meals shipping app development can go a long way in supporting build loyal clients too.

Build Brand Awareness

Having a cellular food delivery app helps in projecting your brand in front of your target audience. Once people start recognizing your app with convenience, speed, and quality, it will help expand your brand value. This can assist in getting word-of-mouth publicity and a cognizance that is difficult or high priced to get otherwise.

Using such an app can additionally assist in growing your customer engagement levels. You can enable your customers to stage feedbacks within the app. Once someone finds that your company is delivering remarkable value, they are quite probably to share your app with their peers, talk about their unique requirements with you, and have interaction in high quality dialog that helps your enterprise grow.

Thus, there many advantages of investing your time and resources in creating a food delivery app. It means speed, convenience, extra control, and above all, patron satisfaction. 

Best Media Players for Ubuntu

Best Media Players for Ubuntu They claim that necessity is the mother of all inventions. The way in which technology developed at such a breakneck pace showed this to be exactly true. There is a new facet of technology every day. In reality, all the latest gadgets control our very existence and we are wholly dependent on them.

 In fact, ones the computers made its entry in the 20th century, things have been moving at a much faster rate. In fact, with the devices getting smaller and smaller, nowadays even our smartphones work as a tiny computer. It provides us with news, movies, serials, music and so on and so forth.
In fact, media players are the in thing and most of the developers are trying to provide different types of media players with a whole lot of features. There are many operating systems available but over here we will be dealing with Ubuntu operating system of Linux distribution. We will list out a few of the best media players for Ubuntu and you can go through the features and home on to the one which you feel meets all your requirements.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC media player is very popular, and it entered the market in 2001 as part of the VideoLan project. It supports almost all media formats, and is a media player that is open source. VLC supports nearly all video formats, and it has codecs. If a specific format can not be accepted, instead it tries to access the same codec from the internet that supports the format. It has a very simple and efficient interface as well to ensure that you always got control over the videos or audios.

2. Bomi (CMPlayer)

Bomi is regarded more widely as CM Player. It is a GUI, a very user-friendly graphical user interface and all of its features are easily accessible in the context menu. It has limitless history of playingback. Bomi player will cater for multiple subtitles as well as the format ASS and SAMI. It also comes fitted with GPU accelerated hardware decoding.

3. SM Player

This is yet another amazing media player that supports all the media files and formats. It has built-in codecs and you are saved the trouble of finding and then installing codec packs. It is a graphical user interface and it plays YouTube videos as well. You can enjoy all types of movies irrespective of the language because it has this feature of downloading subtitles from the internet. Another catchy feature of SM Player is its ability to save your settings, in the case while watching a movie you have to stop in between when you start watching again you can resume from the very same place where you had to stop previously. Isn’t this a very useful feature?

4. Miro Media Player

Miro is an open source, cross-platform and totally free application that supports all video formats. It has a video converter which will enable you to convert any video into the format which is compatible with your mobile. Miro plays both video and audio in HD quality and has certain features which give it an edge over its competitors like it has its own BitTorrent client and you are able to share media and buy your favorite music directly from Amazon MP3 store.

5. MPV Player

MPV is a media player which is a fusion between MPlayer and Mplayer2. It supports a wide range of video files, codecs, subtitles, and file formats. In fact, it has an additional codec that will enhance the picture quality manifolds. It is also equipped with OpenGL that has features such as the color management, frame timing, high standard algorithm.

6. XBMC – Kodi Media Center

XBMC – Kodi Media Center is a Linux cross-platform video player which is written in C++. It plays both video and audio files simultaneously. It can be considered as an excellent media player which is packed to the brim with entertainment. Kodi is very user-friendly and can be customized according to the requirement of the user. It also supports all the audio files and it can play all your favorite music including WAV, mp3, WMA and FLAC formats. To enhance your music listening, it is capable of tag reading support, cue sheet, and smart playlists. One of the added advantages of Kodi is that with the help of skin, it gives a totally new look to your interface.

7. Banshee Media player

It is an open source, cross-platform media player having the ability to play podcasts, radio, audio, video and more. Since Amazon mp3 store is integrated with Banshee media, it facilitates in buying your favorite music online. This popular video player was released in the year 2005 and supports most of the audio and video formats. It has some useful features like iPod manager and multimedia keys support sweetening the features further.

8. Xine Multimedia Player

Xine is a video player which supports almost all media files like MP3, AVI, WMV, and MOV. Xine will help you play your video without any hassle from local drive, CD, and DVD. The CPU processing required by Xine to play videos is comparatively very less and it also offers fast memory transfer, high-performance communication, unified configuration system and many more.

9. MPlayer

MPlayer plays most AVI, VIVO, FLI, RealMedia, ASF, MP4, WMV, NUT, and WMA formats. An added advantage of MPlayer is that it works with DGA, X11, fbdev, GGI, VESA, openGL, Xv, AAlib and such rare media formats. Since a maximum of them support hardware and software scaling, you will be able to watch movies full screen. MPlayer is a cross-platform media player which is mainly written in C.

10. Gnome Videos

Gnome videos were earlier known as a Totem, it is an official audio and video player for Gnome shell. It is equipped with a full-screen mode, playlists, keyboard navigation as well as seek and volume control. Gnome supports video files like SMIL, Media player format, Wmp, M3U, and Real Audio Format. It also offers added features like adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, still capturing and subtitles for videos.
Hope the above list of the best media players would be of use to you and will help you get an insight into the features of the media players. Also, check out the best media players for Windows.

10 Features Your Screen Sharing Software Needs To Have

Not all screen sharing software program is created the same. In fact, some screen sharing software program can be glitchy and tough to use. We accept as true with there are some requirements when it comes to this very useful software, which is why we put collectively this list of ten facets you need to seem to be for in your display sharing software.

1. High Definition Images
This certainly  be a fashionable in the industry, but from time to time the software you’re using just doesn’t have high-quality images. When you’re sharing a screen, small print count. You need to be in a position to see everything clearly and without pixelation or glitches.

The excellent display screen sharing software program has crisp, clean video fantastic that will make screen sharing easy and straightforward. When you appear for your next display screen sharing software, take a look at this function first.

2. Audio/Calling
It’s highly tough to share a screen and no longer be able to speak to the individual you’re sharing it with. You’ll likely be explaining a presentation or different process, and audio is distinctly a whole lot a necessity. Though possibly we ought to say suitable nice audio is a necessity.

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Just as with video quality, the audio satisfactory of your display screen sharing software program have to be excessive definition. There’s nothing greater frustrating than trying to explain a process, only to have the audio cut in and out or have a lot of static noise.

3. File Sharing Options
Along with sharing your screen, you may also additionally need to share archives or other archives with the other party. Many of the great display sharing applications have built-in sharing options, so you can share archives immediately in the chat box.

File sharing makes associated material effortless to add and eliminates the need to take into account to ship files after the name (which, let’s be straightforward here, we don’t continually do). Without some kind of file sharing, your related materials might also be misplaced or forgotten, making the whole procedure extra hard and time-consuming.

4. Cross-Platform Access
What’s the use of a display sharing platform that can only be used on one working system? A desirable screen sharing program have to have cross-platform access, so no depend what working gadget the other birthday celebration is using, you can each still share your screen.

Cross-platform get right of entry to ability that even these with competing for operating structures (Like Mac and Windows) can nonetheless share records barring the want for exceptional software program or other programs. Be positive to take a look at the cross-platform capacity of your screen sharing software, or use web-based packages that don’t require specific operating structures to use.

5. Global Reach
If you’re working with faraway group members, it’s essential that your display sharing software can reach them at any place they might also be in the world.